“Your soul is lit from within, and that light is a spark of divinity shining through you.
It is steady and unwavering, and like your consciousness, it goes where you go.”
–Kira Rosner, When Souls Take Flight: Coping with Grief

When Souls Take Flight is a great gift for anyone dealing with the process of transition. Whether you are in the beginning, middle, or end of the process, this book will prove to be a great read and an uplifting gift.”
– Dannion Brinkley, Author of Saved by the Light & The Secrets of the Light

Best selling author Dannion Brinkley is one of my heroes, and I am humbled he endorsed When Souls Take Flight. In 1997 Dannion began “The Twilight Brigade, Compassion in Action” as a way of honoring the needs of veterans. Among their services, they offer free training for volunteers with the intention that no veteran should be alone at the end of their life. Dannion, a veteran of the United States Marine Corp, has sat at the bedside of countless deserving veterans as they departed.

When we die, our souls depart with our life force fully intact. We return home to a place where love is never lost. Where the presence of those we cherish is greater than their absence. Where we surrender our judgment and remember our willingness to grow. Where the bigger picture is the only picture. Where we recognize ourselves as children of the divine. #soulsliveon #loveneverdies #forevertruths.

If you’ve visited facebook.com/copingwithdeath you may notice that I repeat what I have posted on facebook on the blog of this website. That is intentional. My reason for beginning this website was because I realized that not everyone is comfortable on facebook or any platform you need to sign up for in order to read. By sharing my insights on a website, I felt I could reach out to more people.

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