When Souls Take Flight: Coping with Grief

When Souls Take Flight: Coping with Grief shines light on a subject that is all too often equated with darkness. This soothing book presents a refreshing non-sectarian view of death with particular emphasis on the longevity of the soul. It offers compassionate advice for anyone who is grieving, caring for a loved one in their final days, or terminally ill themselves. If you’ve lost someone you live, or are about to, this book was written for you.


“You cannot imagine how far reaching and powerful your words have been to me and many others in my life. This is truly LIGHT work in the world.”
DENISE MEDVED, Author of The Ageless Grace Playbook
www.agelessgrace.com   www.niasouth.com

“When Souls Take Flight is wonderful! I could hear your voice and feel your loving heart holding me with every word. This book truly captures your essence and imparts it to the reader. The words in the From Beyond section really touched me. You are truly one of Mother Divine’s loving arms embodied and working here on Earth to alleviate the pain and suffering of ignorance.”
JACQUELINA JOHNSON,  Founder of Quantum Beauty
www.serenitywellnessprogram.com   www.faceliftfitness.com

“Kira Rosner gives a clear voice to universal truths we can all relate to. Anyone who has lost someone will find new hope and lasting comfort in the words contained in this book.”
JUNE D’ESTELLE, Ph.D., Author ofThe Illuminated Mind

“Kira Rosner’s When Souls Take Flight offers help and comfort to those who are grieving. Just opening the book at any page offers beautifully written pearls of inspiration.”
CAROLINE SUTHERLAND, Author of The Body Knows – How to Stay Young

“When Souls Take Flight is a profoundly rewarding read. Kira Rosner’s deceptively simple style masks deep answers to issues that trouble all people. Theologically eclectic, her views concentrate on her own personal experiences. She speaks to the human condition at its sensitive solar plexus: subduing the fear of death.”

“Dear Kira, I loved When Souls Take Flight and think it should be given to everyone facing this issue: Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Funerals, Churches, Hospice… the list goes on and one. This book should be required reading for all young people. They will benefit greatly from your insight.”
TERRALYNN HOY, Chief Executive Officer

“Your book is just lovely and very comforting for those who recently lost someone. It will be a tremendous help as part of the grieving bereavement process. I definitely plan to mention it to my clients who come in for monuments.”
JEAN IVERSON, Iverson Monuments

“When Souls Take Flight provides a viewpoint that helps to reconcile the grievous experience of the loss of a loved one. Taken from her own personal experiences, the realization of the true meaning of life and death and how we think of it is presented with enlightening truths which sooth the soul. Whether you have lost a loved one recently or not, this book is nourishment for the heart and soul which leaves you at peace with life’s journey.”
GEORGE SMITH, Photographer, World Traveler

“When my husband was close to departing, the nurses told me to give him permission to let go. I was distraught, I honestly could not relate to what they were saying. When I read your book, When Souls Take Flight, so many things clicked and fell into place. For the first time, I feel confident that my husband and daughter, who had died prematurely, are together.” – ANONYMOUS



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